Transmitter, Receiver and power supply - Drake T-4XC, R-4C and AC-4 power supply


T4XC- I have repainted the case since I took the little clips. The original finish was not good, scratched black gloss. The T4XC needed a replacement LSB filter. It has blue LEDs as panel lamps. They don’t grab me but I have left them. It is in pretty good condition, and quite good cosmetically. It’s cover has been repainted since the photos of the dodgy gloss finish with a black satin and spattered to look similar to the original finish - you will see it in the close-up photo of the repaint - it is pretty hard to get a good image of black spatter on black.   It has what I think is the mic gain control mod on the front panel, nicely done. I have replaced the pot. It also has a pot instead of a switch on the rear to adjust the VOX.  I have aligned it. The output valves are good. I replaced one with a new GE tube. The RCA tube is quite ok. All small signal tubes test well and in 6 cases I have replaced them with new tubes. I have little doubt that the previous owner had suffered a drop off in sensitivity. It seems quite good now. The Power supply is the classic AC-4 and I have replaced the HV electrolytics. The original MV electro can remains in use and tests ok. All cans left in place for cosmetic reasons.


Working well. Comes with Ameco Nuvistor cascode preamplifier which works well and operates from the accessory socket on the back of the receiver.. I replaced the non working globes with LED's. No other replacements necessary. Case is OK but has a few scratches - a thin coat of semi gloss acrylic will sort it out. Has extra crystals for 1.5 -2, 9.5-10, 11.5-12, 15-15.5, 27-27.5 MHz..

All controls work, effective noise blanker, AGC is working according to the control setting, excellent AM reception too. Works on all bands. Quite sensitive but the pre-amp seems to add about 6db but no noise to speak of. Nice radio..

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