Receiver - Hammarlund - HC-10 SSB/CW Adapter


I tested the power transformer and leakage of the can cap. Each was functional. I have fitted a new cotton covered (over PVC) modern cord and a 3 pin 115v power plug. I would tag it but it’s 110v and my PAT is only 240v.

The controls all operate and it has audio. I have yet to test the valves but the various controls all seem to work. I will check the IF input from the 110A to see how well it receives but so far so good. Works and nothing gets warm, and the electro seems to have reformed without drama, so I will leave it as is. I’ll do a soak test in the next few days to make sure. It may go off the sale area of the site if it proves to be sufficient fun!

The HC-10 adds significant functionality, including a product detector.....

Not often seen for sale - these were really nice units by design, incorporating triple conversion. Known for their very low generated noise. Can be used with almost any old receiver with a 450 to 500 KHz I.F.,

I doubt you will see another one for sale in Australia too often. I may keep it but I have an HQ-170A and it has the bells and whistles built-in. 

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