Yaesu MSM9520RS Display IC replacement kit


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I will be ordering more stock of these, but Teruhiko is back on deck so you may wish to order them directly from him..This is a direct replacement PIC IC  for the MSM 9520RS IC in the display counter circuit in Yaesu FT- 901D, FT-902D, FT-101Z and similar transceivers.  It is supplied by Teruhiko Hayashi, JA2SVZ, and will be supported directly by him. As it is difficult getting these kits out of Japan in the current Covid outbreak, Teruhiko has sent me a number to be sold and distributed locally via Australia Post. I have purchased a couple of kits myself for my own rigs so I may be able to assist you should you need some quick local support.

Please read the documentation carefully as some earlier transceivers use a different arrangement of parts and this kit may not be suitable. I have reproduced some of Teruhiko’s  pictures to provide you with guidance. Please read all associated documentation carefully.

This is version 3 of the board, and has an assembled board with smaller surface mount PIC and components already soldered on. Some of the pictures show the earlier iteration, which had a number of through hole components. The only discrete components now are the “flicker” electrolytic smoothing capacitor, the header pins for the board to slot into the display unit once you have removed the faulty IC, and two diodes to replace D01 and D02 if they have the white markings and are not the usual black coloured diodes. 

Extremely good value for money when you consider that alternatives on EBay at around $120 (plus overseas postage) require the use of an LCD instead of the original Yaesu LED display. They are good too (I bought one) but you have to mount them and connect them up. This simply replaces the display chip and keeps the unit original.






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