Exciter - KK7B Multimode Phasing Exciter - SSB, DSB,AM,FSK


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KK7B Multimode phasing exciter - SSB, DSB, AM, FSK using 1980's technology!!! I have to build one for me, so I have obtained 4 boards and most of the parts. Some inductors are hard to get, but I have sourced and obtained a few inductors for the phasing network. Price TBA once I have talked with KK7B as it is his design... - Note this is a file photo and it may not exactly represent the board and parts in final form. I intend teaming it up with a DDS and Raspberry Pi interface for a multiband multimode Exciter to drive a Codan 7010 amplifier. This project has its own challenges! I am also considering a small amplifier for transmitting and a mixer/local oscillator and filters... Drop me a line if interested. I am sticking with 80's technology as an upper limit at present... there has been desultory interest so I will try to get to this by May 2018... stay tuned.

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