Receiver - Hammarlund HQ-100


 The HQ-110 has sold...

Just received a Hammarlund HQ-100 communications receiver and an HQ-110 ham band receiver, each with matching speakers. I would say each is in fair to good condition. The HQ-100 has had the clock position cover replaced with a small internal speaker. It is not a bad job. No additional holes - just the cover-plate replaced with a grille. The HQ-110 has the clock which is not the 60hz version but a 50hz clock - but the face has been redone by hand. I will reprint the clock face in due course..The face of the radio is a little more weathered.

I also have that rarity, a HC-10 SSB/CW converter listed separately - each receiver has SSB/CW reception but the HC-10 adds HQ-170 functionality...

I have yet to assess their working state, and will re-cap them as a matter of course (and will provide more photos).


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