Transformer : 190-0-190v @ 150ma, 55v bias, 5 and 6.3v x 2. 240v primary. - new


Sold Out

Found these little beauties when I bought an R4B and didn't notice it had no power transformer. It pays to look closely at the pictures. Anyway, I looked around and found these and brought some in for a decent price. The mounting holes MATCH an R4B PERFECTLY. The transformer is physically ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS the original (which gets super hot on 50 hz. It gets hot on 60hz!) but it fits nicely and there is PLENTY of capacity and it runs cool. The 190v secondary just requires a slight rise in the first resistor in the HT line. It works like a charm. Has two 6.3v windings so you series them carefully for 12.6 v, (0v if you don't get it right!) - you don't use the 5v tap. 190v CT at 150ma. with a 55v tap. 220/240v primary. Nicely made with flying leads for a musical instrument supplier in the U.S. Great little multi purpose plate and filament transformer - may also be good for a 20W amplifier or transmitter...

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