RF Choke


The sad news is that Hammond bought these from Bourne and that the manufacturer has stopped making them in 2016. Despite trying to find replacements, Hammond has been unable to do so. I will not be making my current stock available as these are all essentially me sharing my parts... I have other RF chokes of 2.4 x 300ma size (for example - and others) but they are not 3-pi. I will put these on the site but frankly you can get them from Element14.  I will be putting some 3 pi chokes up when I receive them but they are about 8.5mH. Sorry folks,. If you NEED them, RF Parts in the US say they have some in stock for $9.75US currently. Those I have are marked "made in Taiwan" and "made in China" so maybe someone can chase some up. Once the couple on the site are gone, they are gone....

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