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I have these on a pending order. The quantity will update when I receive them. I am ordering 6 - 4 for sale and 2 For myself. If you want more and I know in advance I can order them in. These are a beam power pentode. They are NIB when I purchase them but I sometimes find this is not entirely the case. I test them to make sure they are properly active and I life test them too. These are various US and European brands. Max 2 per customer without prior arrangement as I just can’t get/keep significant stocks of these. If you order more than two  without prior arrangement you will be refunded the extra plus any charges I am charged for the refund - which PayPal does now. They are not 6146Bs. The capacitances and internal element spacing are different which is critical for some older rigs which need neutralisation capacitance adjustments beyond their design capacity for the B series tubes to work. Collins AM gear needs these tubes. I can get 6146s (no suffix) and occasionally  6146w’s and QE6/40H valves for a roughly similar pricing.. but ask first as I do not keep stock and they have to be ordered.

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