12AX7 CV4004 ECC83 NIB


Sold Out

A quantity of British made Mullard CV-4004 (12AX7) one Mullard Made in Australia version in white military CV4004 boxes. If you have the misfortune of being an audio buff who believes that they are worth $525 a pair - they aren't. I have also acquired a number of Trigon ECC83 tubes (12AX7's by any other name) British made NIB.  Please don't try to buy more than two - you will be refunded - the limit is two per customer. I am trying to keep the prices down to reasonable levels for hams, not to sell them to musicians for their open, airy and pristine tone or whatever. If you want them for the Marshall or Fender that's fine but I have a DSL100 myself and good Chinese or Russian tubes are fine in guitar amps (and in anything else) - I can get them and they are cheaper. Still, I have these to sell (and some to keep) so here they are. 

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