Drake transmitter - T-4XC and AC-4 power supply


I have repainted the case since I took the little clips. The original finish was not good, scratched black gloss. The T4XC needed a replacement LSB filter. It has blue LEDs as panel lamps. They don’t grab me but I have left them. It is in pretty good condition, and quite good cosmetically. It’s cover has been repainted since the photos of the dodgy gloss finish with a black satin and spattered to look similar to the original finish - you will see it in the close-up photo of the repaint - it is pretty hard to get a good image of black spatter on black.   It has what I think is the mic gain control mod on the front panel, nicely done. I have replaced the pot. It also has a pot instead of a switch on the rear to adjust the VOX.  I have aligned it. The output valves are good. I replaced one with a new GE tube. The RCA tube is quite ok. All small signal tubes test well and in 6 cases I have replaced them with new tubes. I have little doubt that the previous owner had suffered a drop off in sensitivity. It seems quite good now. The Power supply is the classic AC-4 and I have replaced the HV electrolytics. The original MV electro can remains in use and tests ok. All cans left in place for cosmetic reasons. There is a companion R4C which I will test and put on the site shortly. Contact me if you are interested. 

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