Drake transmitters - T4XB and T4XC


Drake transmitters. One each.  I have an AC3 power supply available separately for purchase (to go with, not for sale without a transmitter). The AC3 operates on 115v. The AC3 is priced at $140. I have spent some time on each transmitter, and each works. The T4XC needed a replacement LSB filter, and the T4XB needed to have the carrier oscillator crystal re-soldered with solder, not just flux, (to the correct terminal) and some dry joints fixed and a new screen choke. They are each in pretty good condition, and quite good cosmetically. The C's top cover has been repainted using a gloss, and it has the mic gain control mod on the front panel, nocely done. I have replaced the pot. It also has a pot instead of a switch on the rear to adjust the VOX.  The B has a few chips and scratches on the top cover but has the original finish. It has also been “re-coppered” on the top of the chassis, presumably to cover the bloom on the copper but it isn’t a bad job. The B is a real performer and has auxiliary Crystal 1 occupied by the 39.1mhz crystal for 28.0 to 28.5 MHz.  Each transmitter works well although the C has an issue with AM tuning at present which I am tracing - very good output on all bands for each rig and I have aligned them using a VTVM and signal generator. The output valves in each are strong. These two transmitters really put out good signals.

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