Drake TR-4 transceiver and AC-3 power supply


Sold Out

Very nice unit. Strong output tubes (3x 6JB6’s)) and I have replaced any weak or doubtful small signal valves - 5 of them. The Ac-3 has bee recapped with 105 degree caps of higher value. It is a voltage doubler supply and now it has caps which are safe and not ones which expose you to 1/2 the HT - 360v on your forearm to earth. Rather painful. Now all caps are insulated and not leaky. It is a good power supply. The transceiver works well - I had a QSO ON 40m with a portable station in a  Qld National park .. not sure how he got there during Covid! Seems to put out about 150w of carrier on 80 through 20 but 10 needs to be peaked up. Only about 80w of carrier. Carrier levels are taken briefly as the three tubes draw quite some current. The transformer gets very slightly warm. The old caps were a bit leaky and it got very warm. Perfect now. Chassis is clean for its age - very clean underneath. I don’t have an MS-4 to go with it, but any 4 ohm speaker will do. I can sell you a 4 x 6 driver if you want to make your own for a few dollars.. LED bulbs to fit (if you like them - I don’t) are $3.00.

Looks like its sold..




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