Eddystone S640 Receiver


Sold Out

The first Eddystone amateur radio receiver. Built from 1945-1949 this is a nice example which has been serviced at some point. I have not turned it on, so it may work and it may not.. Serial Number HH0678.

It has a copy of the manual inside it on A4 pages. Tunes from 1.7 to 30MHz in 3 ranges. crystal phasing, a BFO and noise limiter as well as switchable AGC (AVC). An S meter could be connected to the rear. The tuning dial face is in excellent condition. The case has been touched up - not by moi - but isn't bad.. As I have not tested it, it is priced to sell.. comes with original receipt (laminated) from China Radio and Electrical Co in Kowloon dated 10 Feb 1957 to the captain of a merchant marine vessel..... If it doesn't sell, I will run it up on a variac and replace whatever needs replacing. If you have an interest in it but need to know it works (perfectly understandable) please send an email. I imagine operating well it will be re-priced at $250. Still cheap for a well provendanced historical radio.



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