Hallicrafters SR-500 Transceiver


This is a cosmetically nice Hallicrafters which has been converted to 6146B finals. I am intending to onvert it to the 6DQ5 type sweep tubes it had originally. I have 6DQ5s but not the 8236 50w plate dissipation analogues. These are hard to get (I can get them but not often). If you get a pair they will plug straight in. . Even a plain 6DQ5 will in my view outperform a 6146B if you are careful and stick to sideband. I have a Drake AC4 I can convert or provide instructions on the conversion. Any generic Drake, Swan or Heathkit supply will do, but you have to add a variable bias control, or you can whip one up with an ANTEK toroid If you like. A pair of straight 6DQ5s can give a few hundred watts of sideband power. They draw a large amount of filament current and are surprisingly robust.

Sitting on the SR500 is a MELOS tape echo chamber, also for sale on enquiry!