Kenwood TS-680S and AT-250 Tuner


Pristine condition, each unit comes in its original box.

The TS-680S is a WARC band transceiver with 6M coverage. 100 watts. An excellent transceiver. Also for sale is the AT-250 automatic tuner.  The tuner is also pristine and boxed. Transceiver at $800 and the tuner $300. Listed together for the one price of $1100. I can send more photos - I just haven't got round to it yet!!! If you are interested please ask. Chance to own a proper WARC and 6m transceiver and a significant tuner. The IC7300 is nice, but this is a classic and a lot cheaper...

Please note: This is an amateur radio transceiver and you must be licensed to buy it. I will check the ACMA Register and if you are not on it, the purchase price will be refunded less any charges imposed by third parties. Please ask before you buy.

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