Receiver - Hammarlund HQ-110


Sold Out

  The HQ-100 has sold...

The HQ-110 (top) has had the clock position cover replaced with a small internal speaker which was apparently an option. It is not a bad job. No additional holes - just the cover-plate replaced with a grille.

I also have that rarity, a HC-10 SSB/CW converter listed separately - each receiver has SSB/CW reception but the HC-10 adds HQ-170 functionality...

I have recapped the 110 (the 100 is sold), and undone some odd mods. Have replaced the 6AQ5, a 6BE6 and the 0B2 (stuffed by the mods), and it seems to work... plug in an antenna tonight and see how well! It’s sold but I mixed up the numbers so if I refund it will be back for sale as a working unit. 


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