Receiver - Hammarlund HQ-110


This HQ-110 has a speaker installed in the left hand cutout. This was apparently an option back in the day and is a good job. No additional holes - just the cover-plate replaced with a grille - so if you find a 50hz clock (lots of luck with that!) you can just replace it. Nationwide Radio Sales in the US sell reproduced plastic clock covers.

I also have that rarity, a HC-10 SSB/CW converter listed separately - each receiver has SSB/CW reception but the HC-10 adds HQ-170 functionality... I have not tested the HC-10  yet so it is sold as is....

This radio has had some of the modifications available over the years added to it - for example it has two more valves in place - unless you knew you would not see it. When I recently went to sell it, I turned it on and there was nothing. So, I recapped it, undid a very strange modification in the medium voltage supply, replaced the 6AQ5 output valve, a 6BE6, and the 0B2 voltage regulator which had been affected by the strange modification I mentioned, and she sprang to life. It looked like someone had decided to put a voltage splitter in the regulator circuit but didn't know what they were doing. No damage other than to the OB2.. It seems to receive quite well and the BFO is effective (one of the modifications).



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