About Ham Radio House

EMAIL - hamradiohouse@tpg.com.au

Do you like classic valve based equipment?

I had a thought that as valves, variable capacitors and valve based equipment was getting difficult to get, and had a specialist following, I would try to develop a more mainstream and retail means of obtaining it.

I mainly deal in valves and valve equipment that I have spent some time on to get working or which was working when I purchased it but needed new capacitors or some re-wiring. The prices reflect the unfortunate exchange rate with the US in most cases, and the postage to get them here, but not always. Much valve gear is getting difficult to obtain for a reasonable price. I can often obtain a good price on shipping by buying bulk.

I have most valves in stock, but some may require ordering which I try to do once per month or perhaps every 2 months if there is no urgency. I keep valves for the equipment I use/sell so Drake, Hallicrafters, Swan, Gonset, Harvey Wells, Multi Elmac, Heathkit, Hammarlund, Atlas (not valves but some interesting bits), Kenwood, Yaesu, Uniden (8020), Johnson, WRL-Globe, AWA, Trio, Eddystone, and even some output devices for fully solid state gear...

If there is a valve you want but you don't see it, give me a call or email. The ACMA require that I sell transmitters and transceivers to appropriately licensed people. If you are getting your license, and have an "elmer" as the Americans call them, give meĀ  call...