Receiver, CEI type 901B - VHF UHF


Sold Out

This is the brand of receiver used to monitor a bug in the Watergate Hotel. Not the actual receiver, but the same brand. Helpfully some dude suggested the actual receiver that was used to receive from the Watergate bugs is a model with 4 VFO’s. Well, I checked, and he was right!! Yay. Despite only having two VFO’s this receiver works quite well.  It uses Nuvistors, mainly 6CW4s and I have a stock of these new. Versatile and sensitive. 30-90 and 60-300 in two (not 4! - did I say that?) separate VFOs. AM, CW and FM. If you would like to buy it, contact me. It is in stock but cannot be purchased directly through the site…. If you are interested please enquire..