Swan SW-240 transceiver and SW-117AC (240v) PS

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    Re-capped SW-117 AC power supply using 105degree modern 150uF electrolytics and metal film bleeder resistors, new240v moulded plug, properly fixed, resoldered and re finished PS lead. 240v Ferguson or A&R transformer. 1N5408 diode strings. Original Cinch Jones plug is adequate but I can supply a new one if you want it..

      6 new valves in the transceiver including NOS 6V6. Original Mullard 6DQ5 tested very good. This is a hardworking tube and with 24W of plate dissipation puts out an easy 180w SSB. In tune position it is easy to have the plate glow if you are not careful. The filaments draw 2.5 amps on these tubes - compared to other sweep tubes this is high - up with many transmitting tubes- and the maximum cathode current is very high. In my experience (Hammarlund HX-50, this rig, Hallicrafters SR-500 Tornado - which is supposed to use the carbon plate impossible to get analog) these tubes are pretty bullet proof and still cheap and relatively plentiful. If you have the plate glowing regularly expect to get a new valve - however these so called sweep tubes are often better in terms of power output at SSB than the venerable 6146B, but their plate structure is not designed to take abuse - neither was the 6146B's really but it is arguably a sturdier valve. Some sweep tubes were based on the 807 but with flimsier construction - they work very well IF you care for them.   I have touched up the cases with black wrinkle finish and they look good. The face of each unit is good, with slight rubbings off which these rigs are known for. Nothing major though. Electrolytics in the transceiver have been replaced, and I have a LED bayonet lamp in the frequency dial running at about 8v thanks to a 330ohm resistor. Easily reversed if you find a 12v lamp. I left the original cans in position for looks.. there is a slight ground loop hum which I have addressed by clipping a jumper from the transceiver case to the power supply case - I assume it’s the cable carrying all the power and audio wires together. There is no hum on the signal. The VFO is much more stable than my 500cx - and that is actually pretty good.

      It was Swan’s only tri-band rig, and you only get the 75m band 3.6 - 4.4 MHz - so no 3.5 to 3.6. It is a later one so you do get 6.9 to 7.3 odd - the full 40M band. If you are careful you can run about 40w AM by unbalancing the carrier control and carefully tuning in on receive to zero beat the AM station you are talking to - although I suppose 20W is a better setting for AM (and an amplifier...). It is a fun rig and Hams who have had them either still have them or regret selling them..

      Having spent hours on this setting it up I am reluctant to let it leave the Swan collection - but I have priced it to sell.

      Any high impedance or amplified mic will work well using a standard stereo phone plug. If you would like a good desk mic, or a hand mic email..


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