STC Bantam Bakelite mantle radio - D141


A mid run version with the 6V6 output valve and the earlier 6AG8G (a 6G8G in this radio) and a 6B8G and 6X5G. Sounds nice. I have replaced the flex with a moulded unit, new grommet and zip. Has an internal 150Ma fuse. The 6V6 tests very good and is now properly biased. All caps have been replaced with new polys and electrolytics. I have repaired the speaker cone. The 6A(G)8 and the 6B8 are each just ok, but could do with replacing in time. The choke uses fly-leads which are quite fine - but it seems to work well. I did not spend any time on cosmetics other than to give the cabinet a rub. I replaced the tuning cord, and the lamp is an LED version but you can change that for a standard B9 if you wish. This one is quite white. The glass scale is pretty good, some lines are missing but it’s ok. and surprisingly accurate! 2UE is dead on. Just managed to tune to 1611 if you want to listen to Vision radio on a classic!

No cracks in the Bakelite. I just removed the grunge with a little Automotive cutting polish. It’s quite a nice dull shine. All in all a nice radio with quite a few new bits internally.

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